2006 USD and Deshi Skates

Thursday April 6th, 2006
By: Dark_Soul
The USD Aaron Feinberg III has been unveiled on Aggressivemall.com. The shop has 3 photos of the skate available and currently offers a pre-order option.

The USD Feinberg 3 comes with a new Army Green colorway, Sifika liner, kizer suspension frame, Mindgame Feinberg wheels and ABEC 7 bearings. It doesn't change anything to the thrones classic design substancially, but if you're looking for an army styled skate with Sifika liners and suspension frames then this might just be the one for you. The skate will be available sometime around May or June 2006.

Deshi is also planning a release of two news skates in the June 2006 timeframe. Look for more on that soon.

Source: http://www.aggressivemall.com/usdaafeiiipr.html