Hoedown 2006!

Monday October 23rd, 2006
By: Dark_Soul
Once again, Valo-Brand.com brings us some of the best up-to-the-minute content!
The site has footage of the Hoedown 2006 at the Eisenbergs Skate Park in Texas. Check out http://valo-brand.com/version%202/videoclips/hoedown_valo_2006.mov for an edit of the incredibly FAST skating by Erik Bailey and Soichiro Kanashima. Can you say, AMAZING? This is bringing rollerblading to the next level.
You can check out some more photos here: http://valo-brand.com/version%202/pages/hoedown.htm.

Havenskate.com sends congrats to all the competitors. In the end, Brian Aragon walked away with first place. Ryan Arnold received second place, Erik Bailey won third, Soichiro Kanashima won forth place and Chaz Sands walked away with a respectable 5th place.