The RFCC All Stars had their “The Game” event over the weekend and the Rolling Foundation also awarding skaters for six categories. This was the first “Industry Award Ceremony” and the awards really brought out the continued success of one skater in particular. Chris Haffey was the only skater to receive two awards. Haffey received the “Skater of The Year” and “Video Section of The Year” (for his section in Leading The Blind) awards. It was actually Chris Haffey’s 21st birthday on the 7th as well! What a great birthday!

Chris really deserves the honors after skating in both vert and street at the ASA comp in Sacramento this year and pushing himself in every video section. Ever since Chris Haffey put on his first pair of Remz, his skating has continued to improve. He has become one of the best skaters over a relatively short amount of time. Is Haffey becoming untouchable? It seems as though Chris is pushing the limits of rollerblading every day and in every video section.

Check out photos from the RFCC comp and awards ceremony at http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=9898572&blogID=76662616 thanks to Intuition Skate Shop.

We’ll be starting our review of the Remz 06one skates on Monday. Once we try them out, we’ll be letting you know if the skates can help you skate like Haffey too.

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