Jon Julio and Valo.
It is likely that the web launch of is one of those rare moments in rollerblading. The website opens on August 1st, 2004 and it is probably the most anticipated rolling brand in a very long time. Even before the release of any products, many people have already shared their love and hate for the brand and the pictures we have seen so far. Personally, the picture you see here makes me want to skate these more and more each time I see it. They look like the perfect blend of old school and new.

One Valo Skate.
Jon Julio is the innovator of so many tricks in rollerblading, hiphop style and the Valo Brand along with good friend John Starr. Fusing together art, style and rollerblading is giving Valo a completely different feel as a skate company. Although Valo is backed by Roces, this is a completely Jon Julio and John Starr project. Support Jon with this company and you'll feel good about yourself. Keep it real and keep rolling.