USD was originally formed as UpSideDown in 1997. The concept was for this company to turn the industry up side down by offering skaters with easy to use replaceable and interchangeable parts. The first skate released was The Damocles, which allowed you to change out the cuff, buckle, soulplates and frame.

In 1998, Shane Coburn and Arlo Eisenberg joined to help promote and market the skates. UPSIDEDOWN was renamed to USD as part of this image overhaul and the first USD Team was formed. The team consisted of Jon Julio, Josh Petty, Dustin Latimer and Champion Baumstimler.
Universal Skate Design became the new meaning of the acronym USD and 1998 brought the aggressive skating market the legendary Throne skate. The skate quickly became the icon of aggressive skates and the had the infamous "juice plate".

In 2005, USD released the Legacy skate. The USD Legacy is the result of years of product evolution and ideas by the USD team. The skate combined the efforts of Jon Julio, Dustin Latimer, Randy Spizer, Rachard Johnson and Daveee over several years.

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Parent Company The Powerslide Conference
Established July 29th, 1997
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