Ucon Acrobatics

It is far more than purely an interest, or passion. Since day one we have relentlessly pursued our dream to become one of the most innovative clothing brands on the market, and we have created our own unique brand, which we invite you to become a part of. Our goal is not to make interesting clothing, its to make clothing interesting. We cut no corners, spare no expense, and are relentless in making sure we bring the absolute best we can to the world. The true test of a great company is not sales, not fame, but the test of time. Well be here forever.

Ucon is simply an acronym for 'Urban CONquest'. Just because an architect designed a building or object for a specific purpose does not necessarily mean that we should all adhere to this notion. 'UCON' is a calling to take advantage of the architecture that surrounds us in an open-minded light. Skaters have always perceived their surroundings in a far more creative viewpoint than the average member of the public. The art of street skating, 'Architecture Acrobatics', is the fundamental ethos behind our designs, sticker campaigns and ads.

Web Site http://www.ucon-acrobatics.com/
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Address Smuda & Fussenneger GbR
Am Bleichhof 60
Wangen, 88239
Phone 4907613884270