Early September Heat

The first weekend of September heated up at the California State Fairgrounds with a weekend of ASA events with the Mobile Skatepark Series. Of course, no MSS event would have been complete without "vert demonstrations" by Tony Hawk. Tony Hawk was most likely the crowd pleaser for the weekend since his two 40-minute vert demos were the biggest hype for the Sacramento event. Luckily, as part of the RFCC Tour and ASA events, there were also aggressive in-line skating competitions throughout the weekend. Friday including the ASA Amateur Circuit's Street and Vert Contests. David Sizemore of Alpharetta, GA took first place with a score of 92 due to some huge tricks. Keep your eyes out for this kid. Jeremy Townsend and Josh Cardenas came in with 2nd (88.1) and 3rd (76.50) respectfully. Coco Sanchez, also from Alpharetta, GA, took the womens street competition with a score of 60.50. It's rare that two people from the same town walk away with the gold, but I don't think David Sizemore and Coco Sanchez planned this double victory for their hometown or that there was any kind of conspiracy. They both skated amazingly and I can't wait to see more of these two tearing up real street obstacles. The Vert contest was highlighted by David Schexnayder's huge set up airs and "unique" flips and spins and Brandon Davis' clean second run. Schexnayder took first with a score of 81.25 and Davis took second with a 76.00. A detailed play by play of the Amateur event can be found here. Sunday included the Pro Rollerblading event. Brian Aragon took first place followed by Nick Wood. Aragon also took first at the Vertigo Skatepark competition on August 13th and in June at the LG Championships in Munich. Nick Wood's second place finish shouldn't be overlooked. He's coming up quick and you should keep your eyes on his skating. Aaron Feinberg came in at third place and Vinny Minton got fourth place. -Jeff