Hip-Hop and Rollerblading

My earliest memories of Hip-Hop being connected with rollerblading came as I watched VideoGroove 4. Jon Julio's section had music from the legendary 1990's group "A Tribe Called Quest".

In many ways, Jon Julio was and has continued to be a major influence of the blend of hip-hop culture and music with rollerblading.
For some time now, B. Unique has been representing a hip-hop style and has worked with Jim Jones while B. Unique filmed for "Know Difference".

Today, this has all been officially broadcast to the Hip-Hop world with an article at AllHipHop.com. Jim Jones (born Joseph Guillermo Jones, July 15, 1976) is a founding member of The Diplomats. Jim Jones has started Dipskate, a Diplomat Records sponsored skate team. The team is a union between the Harlem-based label and Courtney and Chris Brown of lifestyle-brand B. Unique. Jones is co-CEO of Diplomat records, which publishes The Diplomats' music, and is the director of A&R for Warner Music Group.

I think this could be the type of exposure that rollerblading needs and I fully support it. However, I am concerned that too tight of ties to one particular sub-culture or style could cause people to view Aggressive Skating with an even narrower perspective.

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