IMYTA LA - No Skating

No Skating.
We are VERY big supporters of the IMYTA here at IMYTA events and other similar contests are a very positive way of spreading the word about rollerblading and influencing the community. The LA IMYTA will be very different from other IMYTA's and it is extremely important that everyone attending the contest understands what not to do and why. There will be a strict policy for no skating at the LA IMYTA on August 8th, 2004 unless you are a contestant.

It's really a key to showing your support for the IMYTA series and rollerblading in general that you follow the policy. It's also very important for you to show up. Rollerblading has been completely eliminated from the X Games X advertising and the street contest portion has been eliminated completely. IMYTA LA has been intentionally scheduled at the same time at the X Games.

This is the time for a revolution in rollerblading. A time for the passion of rollerbladers to be demonstrated. I'd almost like to see people picketing out in from of the X Games telling people to go to the IMYTA instead. There will only be about fifteen miles seperating the two events, but they will have a completely different vibe. Please remember that if you are attending the IMYTA - do not skate and be a mature observer. How you act will reflect on the representation of rollerbladers.