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LG Inline 2006 Results
The 2006 LG Champions are Erik Bailey and Takeshi Yasutoko...
Hip-Hop and Rollerblading
Dipskate, a Diplomat Records sponsored skate team. Is this the future of Rollerblading...
Grindin Get Down 2
Feature: Grindin Get Down 2 - Contest Summary and Results

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Shawn Storm Profile 1
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Mike Toffey Profile 1
Grindin' Get Down 2 Video Edit
Grindin' Get Down 2 Video Edit
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Clipper San Francisco Video Edit

News & Talk
  • Mike Lilly is Vicious [12-24-06]
    Vicious Bearings welcomes Mike Lilly to their team...
  • New Heat site launched [12-15-06]
    Heat Wheels launches their new website at
  • DSI and Heat Premiere [10-24-06]
    D.S.I. Grand Opening and Heat Team Video premiere on November 10th, 2006...
  • Hoedown 2006! [10-23-06] brings you a quick edit of Soichiro Kanashima and Erik Bailey tearing up the Hoedown 2006...