Fifty-50 Core System Frame Preview

Thursday July 21st, 2005
By: Dark_Soul

With the exception of your bolts and bearings, metal hasn't been used in aggressive frames since the Roces MOW-R's. Fifty/50 has decided to come full circle with their new core system design. Using light weight and sturdy aluminum, Fifty-50 has designed a replacable frame wall system that could be one of the biggest technical improvements for aggressive frames.

USD Throne with Fifty-50 Core System Frame

USD Throne with Fifty-50 Core System Frame.

The Fifty-50 Core System Frames are currently being tested by 50/50's riders and should be in stores everywhere before Christmas. The frames will be sold as a complete package to get your started, but once you have the aluminum chassis, you'll never have to replace it (unless something happens to it). The skater just needs to buy the inexpensive plastic components. It's similar to the sidewall design that other skates had, but without the complexity of a lot of different screws to keep it connected. It stays connected with the same equipment that holds a normal frame together.

Check out for all the latest updates and check back here for the complete review once these are in stores. The freestyle model will be released first and the standard 8 wheel model will be released later.