Fifty-50 Core System Frames Preview 2

Wednesday December 21st, 2005
By: Admin

In the recent articles Fifty-50 Spills Their Beans and Fifty-50 Core System Frame Preview I had spoke about Fifty/50’s exciting new Core System and frames.

Today I was excited to meet up with Lawrence Ingraham of Fifty/50 to see the frames in person. The simple black box that resembles the Balance Frame box holds another unique concept in frame design. The Core System is comprised of an inner aluminum support “core” surrounded by a two part removable plastic frame. This allows you to purchase the complete system, which is just as affordable as any other frames on the market at an entry price of around US $60, and replace the plastic components only as needed at an entry price of around US $30.

The frames are extremely strong and Fifty/50 has delayed the launch date of the product in the name of quality. From Fifty/50’s first grind plates to their replaceable frame system, which was the real inspiration for UFS, to the Core frames they have strived for quality in their products. The Core System is a great design and a flawless execution from what I have seen so far. The thick aluminum core doesn’t budge and the plastic feels solid enough to skate without the core. Even without bolts, the whole assembly can stay together due to the clever way that the parts lock together. However, this is also very simple to disconnect, reconnect, install, uninstall, swap colors. You could make half your frame black and half white if you want.

Please check out for all the pictures of the new frames and be sure to pre-order yours now. We should be getting the frames after the New Year and posting our in depth review shortly there after.