Fifty-50 Spills Their Beans

Monday September 12th, 2005
By: Dark_Soul

In a move that truely exemplifies Fifty-50’s openness to their company and frame development, they have openned a Core System frame development blog. Fifty-50 is one of the few in-line companies that has been very open about the development of their products with the skating community. Even as Fifty-50 is scrambling and continually missing release dates on their latest frames, they are telling all and not holding back.


The blog sites that the frames will no longer be developed with the clear color as they initially wanted due to problems with the material. They also have mentioned a Winter release date. While some of this sounds bad, it makes me happy to hear. Fifty-50 isn’t just closing the world out on the development of the frames for one thing. They’ve always asked for feedback from kids. They’ve always developed a frame with the skaters and have never held anything back. This blog is just the next step in keeping you up to date on Fifty-50’s latest product.

Whether this entire delay and product change will turn out to just be marketing hype or true product enhancement is only something that time and the review will tell. I still believe that Fifty-50 would rather spend its time to release an uncomprimised perfect frame rather than one with flaws and I can’t wait to roll on the new system. Check out their blog.