Thursday June 3rd, 2004
By: Dark_Soul

Jon Julio.

Jon Julio is an innovator in rollerblading. This year he introduced his new shoe company, Sifika. And all the way back in 2000, Jon Julio started a street skating contest phenomenon called the IMYTA (I Match Your Trick Association).
Regardless of his success, Jon shows no signs of letting up. From his beginnings with Roces and 50/50 to USD, England Clothing and Runners Project, Julio is one of the most well known street skaters.
And "The Head" thinks it's about time he not only had his own skate, but his own skate company.

Despite lacking a product, the news and support for Jon Julio's Valo Brand Skate Company spread over the Internet like a wildfire about a month ago. The Valo Brand website is currently under production by John Starr. Starr is also doing all the imaging and designing for Valo.
Starr and Julio are working along with Roces (who just introduced their Majestic 12 UFS skate -- better known as the M12 or M Twelve UFS). The two will be moving to Orange County in about a month and a half to get the skate project off the ground. Their loft in Orange County will be home base.