Bearings Review: Revolver Abec 7

Wednesday December 29th, 2004
By: Pooley

Revolver Bearings

     I've been rolling these revolvers for about three months now. For the most part it may as well had been one because winter got the better of me. I had written Gary, the technical guru at revolver bearing, about what would make their bearing technically superior to any other bearing out there. He actually had something good for me, though it wasn't what I wanted to hear.

Gary at Revolver Bearings said,

"Well our bearings have a nylon retainer opposed to the standard steel retainer. The nylon causes less heat which in turn is longer bearing life and less distortion of the race. We also are currently using a double seal which is changing to a single seal for performance reasons. They have very strict tolerances, smooth race, and lightly lubricated which makes them both smooth and fast.

This is not too technical but technical jargon isn't going to sell our bearings our riders are!! Proof is in the performance not the paper man!

Blue and Red Revolver Bearings.

     You can't really argue with that. With that in mind, I went threw the process of yanking out my old bearings and popping in my new ones. I roll 9mm wheels and as you may know, bearing replacement is a bitch with these wheels. That is to say, they're a tight fit. . Also no speed washers or bearing spacers came with these, which I found odd but its cool you have bearing spacers around I'm sure. Well I don't. I should but I don't. Oh well roll on.

     Off to the park I went with DirtylilElmo
and the first words out of my mouth were something like, "These suck man. I don't think I'm going to like them. I was rolling an abec 5 bearing and I was carrying more speed than this." That proved to be a bit premature because these bearings had a bit more of a break-in time than I was used to. They weren't fast right out of the tube. That's ok. After about half an hour I was rolling harder and faster so I couldn't really complain. I was hitting 30 foot porn stars within no time on some horizontal ledge with no incline at all.

     Street skating in them was on par. Some bearings rattle after some abuse but I had these new so they where quiet and smooth. Even on rough ground. They performed much like they did at the park.

The Colors of Revolver Bearings.

     The bearings, I thought, look rather odd with a blue and red alternating faces, but you can order them in a variety of colors from their website. That's a level of customization that no one will see, so who cares. I'm not sure about their light grease and what its going to be like after it starts to get dirt and crap in them though. Most rollerblader bearings use a heavy grease to keep the dirt and debris out, but you sacrifice speed with that. I'm also interested to know if the retainer is going to hold up. I've blown up steel ones and had the balls fall out of my bearings. This happened when i didn't have the bearing sealed up and dirt and neglect took over. So we'll see if that can happen with these. Switching to a single sealed side seems like it would give more opportunity for dirt to get in there but some people don't mind a little maintenance. Hell and I got the double seal so I'm not worried. I still want to know if I will kill the ball retainer though.

     I guess to break it all down for you. They rolled. There was a bit more of a break-in than I wanted but its cool. All bearings seem to perform out of the box. So time will tell on the durability. The paint may come off, it's started already, but the consistence of performance is where its at. So I'll leave it open ended and let you guys know how long it takes me to break one.