Fifty50 Core System Freestyle Frames Review

Thursday February 9th, 2006
By: Admin

Fifty/50 introduced their new Core System frame late in December 2005 and they quickly sold out of their first production. However, the frames were initially supposed to be released months before and the anticipation was killing people. Not only that, but the freestyle frame market had been around for some time already. Also, due to delays, the frames wouldn’t be introduced on the USD Legacy as it was supposed to happen. After skating the frames, myself (Jeff) and Ezekiel (Matt) agree that it was worth the wait.

At $60, the MSRP of the Core System frames is similar to the MSRP of the 50/50 Balance Frames at their time of release. Also you’ll notice the similar look of the frames. The plastic used is the same as the balance frames and the frames still have the raised grind walls. Also, they feel much like the balance frames when you skate. However, that’s where all the similarities end. These frames are in three parts and despite that, they are a very solid piece of construction. It is actually surprising to me that these frames don’t cost more. The Core System is a new concept in frame design. The core is a solid piece of aluminum that attaches to via UFS bolts to your skate. However, the currently available frames are only freestyle and pull it off extremely well. Also, once the flat frame walls are available you’ll be able to buy them for about $30 MSRP! A whole new frame for $30!

You can buy the Fifty/50 Core System frames at a shop near you now and they are worth every penny, but do have some oddities. They have the same “hollow” noise that the Xsjados make. Also, I had some slippage of the plastic parts. They would seperate from eachother by a small amount, but it didn’t affect the skating. Matt and I decided to discuss these frames over Google Talk and post that conversation here. Check it out!

[20:34] Matt: okay so how did i get them on. it was tough at first i ended up hitting it with my hand but i kinda messed up one of the nightplates so it doesnt fit perfect. so any frame goes on tight. all in all it went on much like any frame. i didnt do much different

[20:35] Jeff: yeah, you may need to take it apart for the small and medium, but the large size we reviewed you don’t really need to take apart

[20:35] Matt: i didnt it went on.

[20:35] Matt: the holes may be covered on other sized but not on mine

[20:35] Jeff: it’s really important to make sure that the little spacers are in all the way though

[20:35] Jeff: they hold the aluminum part and the plastic part together.. and it’s a tight fit

[20:36] Matt: yeah that axel spacers where tough to get in. one in patcular. i hated it. it was personal. i called it dirty 4 letter words and people laughed at me

[20:37] Jeff: yeah.. it is a little weird.. I had the same problem

[20:37] Matt: a little wiggling did the trick

[20:37] Matt: with a hammer

[20:37] Jeff: getting all except the last one on was a breeze

[20:37] Matt: i used a axal bolt that i tighened down to manuver it in

[20:37] Matt: only hard part i see for kids.

[20:37] Jeff: I liked how easy they were to put on though in comparison to kizer freestyle frames

[20:38] Jeff: haveing them be basically one piece makes it simple

[20:38] Jeff: and like we said, the bolts aren’t covered

[20:38] Jeff: it’s nice

[20:38] Matt: i like the design im very happy how it goes together. it just like what i would want and expect. its simple no fiziks frames for sure. 5 mins tops

[20:39] Jeff: It really is a solid piece of construction, that’s for sure.. made really well and well worth the money

[20:39] Jeff: I don’t think you could ask for more for the price.

[20:39] Jeff: especially considering that you can get new side walls which is like all new frames for like $30 in the stores

[20:40] Matt: yeah i dont like the hollow sound and thats about the only design flaw i see. i know it saves weight but man does it get anoying i though i was about to break it at first

[20:40] Jeff: Ah! The hollow sound!

[20:40] Jeff: It’s like a curse of the xsjado style frames.

[20:41] Jeff: Everyone I skated with couldn’t help but comment on it..

[20:41] Matt: hahaha yeah i traded in an anoying click for a hollow sound but my world would end if i didnt have something to bitch about

[20:41] Matt: everyone i know said something too

[20:41] Jeff: The frames are actually a little heavier than the Ground Control HILOs

[20:41] Jeff: but you’ll never be able to tell the difference when skating, it’s like a couple grams more heavy

[20:42] Matt: they felt right on par with my ables but i know someone will complain but they can get over it. my ables feel like mag light flashlights but these feel light and nimble

[20:42] Matt: when i put them on the skate they felt natural

[20:43] Jeff: all together the frames are about 360grams

[20:43] Matt: wierd adjetives for me to use

[20:43] Matt: damn i have no idea what a gram is

[20:43] Matt: hehe

[20:43] Jeff: hehe.. neither do I

[20:43] Jeff: it was just the scale I used. haha

[20:43] Matt: that is soooo goin in the review

[20:44] Matt: lol

[20:44] Jeff: google came to the rescue: 360 grams = 0.793664144 pounds

[20:44] Jeff: that’s per frame

[20:44] Matt: nice

[20:45] Jeff: the hilo’s all together were : 290 grams = 0.63934056 pounds

[20:45] Jeff: so, like i said — it’s barely noticable

[20:45] Matt: damn thats like nothing

[20:45] Jeff: yeah.. a fraction of a pound

[20:45] Jeff: and you get this sturdy alum. core on the 50/50 core frames

[20:45] Jeff: it’s pretty sick

[20:46] Jeff: So, you can replace the outside again and again.. or with the flat setup which is supposed to come out late this year I think

[20:46] Matt: yeah sturdy nice word it doesnt twist at all. there is no loss in energy being transfered to the ground. you dont loose speed its great

[20:46] Jeff: yeah. it’s really well built.. :)

[20:47] Jeff: you could skate the frame without the aluminum it seems

[20:47] Jeff: even the plastic alone is strong

[20:47] Matt: not at all what i expected. ive rode balance frames with no middle wheels and expected it to feel the same but damn.

[20:47] Jeff: and the aluminum isn’t going anywhere either

[20:47] Jeff: it’s really nice

[20:47] Matt: no twist it was great.

[20:47] Jeff: do you think that kids will have problems wearing the frame down?

[20:47] Matt: makes it feel like 8 wheels are under you

[20:48] Jeff: I think the plastic is plenty thick before it reaches the aluminum, but this is one FAT and DEEP groove

[20:48] Matt: i was looking at that. i didnt get much damage on the normal ledges but the wear i was getting was right at the groove spot softning the hard edges

[20:49] Jeff: the plastic is the same stuff as the balance frames

[20:49] Matt: i think most kids will trade it out to get that feeling back because once i started to wear that down i noticed i slid of of the groove a few times

[20:50] Matt: trade to a new wall

[20:51] Jeff: yeah, so I had about 4 of the kids I skate with try this out

[20:51] Jeff: and everyone thought they slide fast

[20:51] Jeff: they loved the deep groove

[20:51] Jeff: and they all hate the sound

[20:52] Matt: hahaha

[20:52] Jeff: but just about all of them wanted a pair and think 50/50s in general are some of the best frames… Strange thing is that hardly any of them use 50/50 frames.

[20:52] Jeff: Maybe this frame will get people back into 50/50

[20:52] Matt: i could see that. its a great concept and a price to match

[20:53] Jeff: Yeah, ya know, back to the noise for one second.. it honestly didn’t bother me at all.

[20:53] Matt: i know a lot of people seem to have a loyalty to certain companys but and honest try will make a lot of people beleavers

[20:53] Jeff: once I had them on and was going at it, I was just enjoying the smooth ride

[20:54] Matt: yeah i got used to it fast. only every now and again i would hear the echo off the wall and would notice it. or if i fell on my side the slapped loud and made it

[20:54] Jeff: haha

[20:54] Matt: much better than clicking anti rockers

[20:54] Jeff: that’s true.

[20:55] Matt: i think the reason i didnt like it is just due to conditioning. if i hear that sound i dont think its stable but that frame wasnt budging.

[20:55] Jeff: yeah, that’s true.

[20:56] Matt: the plastic felt much like a balance frame. i know its the same but i know a lot of kids hated that plastic. if you dont like that you wont like this.

[20:56] Matt: but i think if you break it in and give it some time its nice.

[20:56] Jeff: The grind wall things are still there too

[20:57] Matt: i was reading old reviews and they said they handled ledges well and weren’t crazy fast on rails and i would agree.

[20:57] Jeff: the little angle things.. to me that helps with soul grinds and stuff.. makes it fast.. less resistance. but they seem to wear off quick.

[20:57] Matt: old reviews of balance frames

[20:57] Jeff: yeah, I agree completely

[20:58] Matt: i noticed them on my cesses right away. the angles on ables are there for the same reason but man was it fast on these.

[20:58] Matt: i about busted my ass each time

[20:58] Jeff: Cool. fun stuff

[20:59] Matt: i didnt notice them on souls so i guess thats a good thing. i was on a ledge with a 45 angle on the top so i was more concered with not slipping off

[20:59] Matt: my rough ledge test didnt seem to kill them eather but i can see where they are flatning out

[21:00] Jeff: yeah, it’ll just make the frame last longer if anything

[21:00] Jeff: It doesn’t get in the way at all.. I didn’t find them annoying.. If anything a help..

[21:01] Jeff: Well, I’m not sure what else to say about them right now.. you?

[21:02] Matt: another thing i noticed was that i really wanted to try the epochs because they where umhw and that was well and good but with the cores i really felt like i was grinding in them. i could feel the give and take of the ledge. i know its from the aluminum but that was a great plus. i liked that feeling

[21:02] Matt: with umhw you slide over everything.

[21:02] Jeff: yeah, one reason they claim to have not used UHMW

[21:02] Jeff: is because it wears faster

[21:02] Matt: yeah i ve typed that wrong 5 times now

[21:03] Jeff: hah. i didn’t notice

[21:03] Jeff: hah

[21:03] Jeff: you should have kept quiet

[21:03] Jeff: ;)

[21:04] Matt: i think one thing i would change would be the very center groove. my tastes dont like the sliding around bit. i like the very center groove but a little less angle would be nice. help you stay in the very center

[21:04] Jeff: I agree.. It’s a little too deep

[21:04] Jeff: is that what you mean?

[21:05] Matt: yeah if it was a little flatter i guess. the very center or highest point could stay where it was but well shit the more i think about it the harder it would be to get off a rail so humm

[21:06] Matt: i guess thats something i have to get used to

[21:06] Jeff: yeah, I’m not sure.. I think it’s just a matter of getting used to it

[21:06] Jeff: I’m not sure that it could be made much different and still ride as good

[21:07] Matt: yeah thats what i was thinking about over bumps and such. and im very pleased at that too. i know a xsjado would handdle a bump much the same but i never rode them. i was happy with the groove then

[21:07] Matt: give and take i suppose

[21:08] Matt: stairs take some getting used to too

[21:08] Jeff: yeah but you have to treat this as a freestyle frame review..

[21:08] Jeff: that’s just normal with freestyle

[21:08] Matt: true

[21:08] Jeff: the only thing is that these let you change to flat (when they release those outside walls)…

[21:09] Jeff: I mean, there’s no suspension

[21:09] Jeff: and it’s still just a frame, but the core is a good concept… I’d say a 3.9 out of 4 wheels in my book — since it’s got the core for about the same price as other frames.. and then you can replace the walls.. i mean, in value — it’s all there… and they skate well to boot…

[21:10] Jeff: they’re not perfect — but really close.

[21:10] Jeff: maybe a 3.8. I dunno what the difference is.. it’s somewhere high on the scale though.

[21:11] Jeff: oh..

[21:11] Jeff: they don’t allow you to rocker your wheels

[21:11] Jeff: is that important to anyone?? maybe when the flat outside walls come out, but not for the freestyle I’m sure

[21:12] Matt: no not at all with all the wheel sizes available and most the same as the next i dont think the kids will mind

[21:12] Jeff: k.. let’s wrap this up. what do you think overall?

[21:14] Matt: overall im very pleased and trully impressed. i didnt like the concept of freestyle but i see why kids like it now. that asside i think the frame is build about as perfect as you can make and still compromise for everyone. it has its quarks but anything new will. i think someone in the market for a cheep alternative to frames will like this concept and get with it quick. i hope that 50 50 stays on top with geting plates out. kizer had issues with replacement parts but i know they have to be up to the task.

[21:15] Matt: its reponsive and kids are going to love it

[21:16] Matt: its ranks high up there and i dont see me putting my old frames on for a long time. and that says alot

[21:17] Matt: that can be better writin but it says how i feel i think. im looking forward to riding them again. seems to make skateing new

[21:17] Jeff: cool… keep me updated.

[21:17] Matt: u bet

[21:18] Jeff: Thanks for doing this.. I think it says a lot to me too.. I have my old 5050s on right now and it’s just not the same as the cores.. I really really liked the cores.

[21:18] Jeff: There’s some rumors that other manufactures could potentially make replacement walls for the cores too

[21:18] Jeff: that could be interesting

[21:18] Matt: yeah i expected night or 6one6 to do something

[21:19] Matt: but i thought i would see xsjado shoes soon too.

[21:19] Jeff: heheeh

[21:19] Jeff: cool man.. well, thanks. I’m gonna move away from the computer monitor for a bit.. :) thanks again. I think I’ll be able to piece soething together from all this