Review: Ground Control HILO Frames

Monday February 6th, 2006
By: Admin

Ground Control frames have continually evolved since their beginning, but the HILO frames are a bit confusing. The frames have 4-way rockers on the outside wheels, but not for the inner ones. The idea of the frame is to allow the skater to still roll anti-rocker or flat rocker while having a grind space comparable to freestyle frames. The grind space is undoubtedly big and being able to ride flat is cool. Rolling anti-rocker with this setup seems really unnecessary though and I’d recommend a freestyle frame like the 50/50 Core Frames if you were planning on that.

The Ground Control HILOs slide well and the huge groove helps with locking on without getting in the way, but the material felt like it could be a little faster. Overall, I liked the ride. Everything about the Ground Control frames performance is good, but I don’t feel like the removable grind plate is a feature that’s really important. I know that GC is attempting to have some sort of replaceable part, but I feel like it’d be better to cut their cost and pass it on to the consumer with a solid mold instead. Being able to replace this little piece of plastic doesn’t make sense to me. Even if you wore it down and did replace it, there’s a high likelihood that by that time you have also wore down the h-block area. It really just brings us all back to 95 on one side of the frame. Another downfall of the frames is that they are not symmetrical. I prefer being able to put my frames on any way I wish and these don’t really give you that option. Overall, the frames ride really well, but have innovations that aren’t all that effective.