Review: Remz 06 one skates

Tuesday January 24th, 2006
By: Admin

Remz 06 One

SPECIAL NOTE: in cooperation with will be having a 10-day auction on for the slightly used size 10 Remz 06 Ones used in this review. This was not a long-term review, so the skates are still in very good condition. Current pictures will be available when the auction begins on Feb 1st, 2005 at 7pm PST.

Remz 06 One Liner Logo [image]
Remz 06 One Liner Logo

Remedyz started out in 1998 with a new outlook on the soft-boot style that K2 had introduced to aggressive skating many years before. Remz wanted to focus on developing the skate around their now infamous “freedom of feet” concept. This concept led to the development of a skate that was designed for comfort and customization. The Remz 06 One can be purchased as boot only or complete with Ground Control “Bulletproof” HILO frames, 57mm Remz wheels (abec5 bearings) and 47mm 4×4 antis (no bearings).

Remz 06 One Liner [image]
Remz 06 One Liner sent us a pair of the complete Remz 06 One team skates for this review. Since I have never skated Remz 06 one, this was a chance for me to review a skate that was completely new to me. The stock liners in the Remz 06 one are the most comfortable liner of any skate Iíve used. The liners feel like the best pair of sneakers you’ve ever worn and surround your ankle with a so much soft padding and support that you could wear them all day. Even after a long day in the skates, I still felt comfortable in the Remz. They never felt too tight, too loose or sweaty. The size was a bit short for me, but they basically fit perfectly. The liners are fairly stretchy as well and donít make you feel too confined. The liner is also attached by Velcro to the inner cuff. Iím assuming that this was done to prevent the liner from moving around within the skate.

Remz 06 One - Liner Removed [image]
Remz 06 One - Liner Removed

Besides the liner, the Remz 06 one also deliver other unique design elements to set them apart. The Remz excel in foot support from the toe and side protection with a large hard plastic piece to the replaceable soul plates. Everything about the skates is designed for strength, but somehow manages to have an amazing look and style too. The soul plates are fast and almost pull you into the grinds your try to pull. The heel plates are slanted slightly and help with topside tricks and help to make every grind fast.

Remz 06 One Liner and Heelpad [image]
Remz 06 One Liner and Heelpad

From a sheer style point of view, I think the 06 ones are the best looking Remz yet and have done a great job of making a customizable skate that should please almost anyone right out of the box. If you watch the videos of the pros customizing their skates on the Remz website, you’ll notice that almost everyone replaces the stock heel pad with a bigger and better shock absorber. I’m actually surprised that with the team doing this, Remz just didn’t include a good shock absorber. The heel pad is really nothing more than a removable, hard piece that only serves the purpose of raising your heel for a better arch.

The Remz 06 one is one of the best complete skates on the market, but does have some small issues. Thereís a sort of dual cuff design and comes with a Velcro strap on the inside and a standard buckle on the outside. They have a small area of the fabric around the cuff cut out to make the buckle more accessible, but I found it to be more of a pain than if I just had to fold down the material to get at the buckle. I also believe that it could lead to more buckle damage since the cuff itself has insufficient buckle protection and the little plastic bubbles on the outer skin are mostly just for looks.

Remz 06 One Cuff Screws [image]
Remz 06 One Cuff Screws

I skated with the Velcro strap instead of the buckle on one side and only felt a little bit of a difference if I pulled the strap tight. While, I think itís best to use the buckle, I like how the skates allow you that level of customization. Itís extremely simple to make the changes since both buckles are mounted in the same way. One of the hyped features of the Remz is their cuff and the v-cut feature. The Remz website even refers to it as the now “famous remz cuff”. My only problem with this is that the Remz have nearly the same cuff design as other skates have had since 1998. The v-cut capability is really nothing more than some guidelines of where Remz recommends cutting the plastic on the cuff if you opt to go v-cut.

The majority of the reasons I was impressed with the Remz was due to the well designed liner, the outer shell plastic protecting your toes and the overall looks. One could argue that a liner is the most important part of an in-line skate because itís what surrounds your foot and provides you with the comfort needed. I would agree, but with a large number of skates on the market you can put any liner in them that you want to. For example, I took the liner from the Remz and put it in an old pair of Thrones and I could enjoy the same comfort. Ad [image]

The Remz 06 One also comes complete with the Ground Control HILO frame and wheels. The frame is decent, but I didnít find it to be as fast as other frames and while the frames are solid and will last they didnít really stand out. The frames most obvious element is grind plate style part on the soul side of the frame. The frames only have this on one side and it doesnít go through the h-block so I donít really understand the point. If youíre interested in more details about the frame, please read our detailed review of this frames.

The 57mm Remz wheel were smooth and the bearings worked well. Since this wasnít a long term test, I wasnít on a mission to determine how fast the wheels will core, but I think youíll be safe assuming they will hold together fairly well. However, I didnít like the 4×4 anti rockers at all. Since these wheels donít have bearings they either wonít move very well or youíll have to loosen them to the point of making a lot of noise so they wonít catch on cracks or other obstacles.

Overall, I would recommend Remz to anyone that likes soft boots and wants one with good design, high-resistance materials, one of the best liners available and a high level of customization. If you need new skates, you can’t go wrong with these. They help you lock onto grinds due to the angled soul plates, slide fast and are one of the most comfortable skates around. Remz are designed with a unique style and if you like the way they look, you wonít be disappointed by the way they feel on your feet.