The Conference DVD Review

Friday December 23rd, 2005
By: Admin

The Conference has collaborated with Alex Rios to develop The Powerslide Conference Catalogue 2005/06 DVD. The DVD is narrated by Oli Benet who does a great job, but some parts of the script he was reading did feel a little forced. Since The Conference is trying to sell their products, this is understandable. One thing to keep in mind through this review is that the DVD is FREE. Yes. FREE. I strongly feel that the DVD format is a great and affordable format for companies to show off their products and skaters so I applaud The Conference for this effort. Deshi and Undercover have also done this by including a special DVD with certain products. The Conference Catalog is really just an evolution of that idea.

The DVD starts with some pretty flashy graphics as rollerblading skate videos go. I liked it, but I felt that it didn't really connect to the rest of the video and was a little long -- nothing other than credits there really.

The video really begins with a voiceover about the USD Legacy. After a brief bit about the skate they start with the best skating section in the video. Unfortunately itís only about 4 minutes of skating until they get back to talking about the skate, a USD bag and onto some of USD's other products. The rest of the video continues in the a similar mix of nice skating and product reviews including Kizer, Deshi, Undercover Wheels and Stygma products. The main movie is about an hour long, so there's a lot of great skating and a lot of promotional parts. Really too much to cover completely here, but it's free so just go pick up a copy and get some new skates while you're at it.

While I expected a bit more out of the DVD in the "catalogue" aspect, it provides a lot more than any other free DVD and more than some team DVDs so it's a no-brainer that you need to pick this one up.

Aside from that fact that the video is free, I'd still recommend it if it cost a few dollars. It's a solid product, but it boasts a bit too much about the products rather than just showing them. I wanted the skate video part to be separate from the catalogue part. Maybe this was done with the motivation of having you watch everything. I had envisioned a different video in my head after initially seeing the trailer, but while this wasn't a perfect hit it is still a solid presentation and you can't beat the price.

The skating The Conference Catalogue DVD delivers is a level of skating that doesn't break limits or expectations, but can get you pumped. However, I felt that the quality of some shots was dark or distracted from the great tricks. Also, the video of the products is dark and could have been clearer. A lot of extreme close ups of the products and some strange joking about the products didn't really make this feel like a serious promo either, but overall it is a good video with a lot of product promotion.

Overall, this video was executed well and has some solid street skating that'll make you want to go skate with all the latest and greatest Powerslide Conference products from UDS, Deshi, Undercover, Kizer and Stygma.

Before you do skate though, be sure to check out the bonus features! The bonus section provides some of the best content on the DVD. "The Richie Eisler Show" is a crazy section where Richie goes nuts on the basketball court with USD, Kizer and Undercover products. It'll give you a good laugh and I would have paid just to see this section so putting it on the free DVD is awesome. Also, there's a Deshi Edit that has some of the best skating in the video second only to the USD section at the beginning. In addition, thereís also a USD Transformer section that talks about the skate that's the perfect last minute Holiday gift for any of your younger relatives that you want to get into the sport. Make your way to your skate shop, pick up the free DVD and pick up some USD, Kizer, Deshi, Undercover and Stygma products for all your last minute holiday gifts! Peace.