Video Review: Hustlin For Pennies

Saturday June 4th, 2005
By: Dark_Soul

     Chris Majette and Adam Johnson have teamed up to bring you an inline skate video named Hustlin For Pennies. I watched Hustlin For Pennies at least 5 times before writing this review. My very first impressive of this video was how good it was, but I got a little less excited about it the next few times.

     Majette has all the right angles in this video and the video is very consistent. The video had great skating and really cool obstacles, but I felt that it really picked up once it got to Ryan Northway's section, about 5 minutes in. The video shines with great angles, tricks, lines and editing. The main video runs a solid 20 minutes, but the back 10 are by far the best. The skating in this video is very good and while there are several huge stunts, the majority is what would be considered solid and consistant skating. So, you may feel that you've seen this level of skating before, but when you buy this video you're not going to be disappointed. This is really a video you buy for the whole package of editing and is a great film to watch before skating. It's editing is chill and lets the skating speak for itself for the most part.

     The videos editing could have been a little tighter with the soundtrack, but it has it's own style and holds together. One of my favorite things was the lines that are in the video. While there are only a few, they really help to break out of the single grind or gap clips.

     This video also includes just about two minutes of clips from EGO in the credits and about 17 minutes of bonus skating edits.

     Overall, the video is worth buying to add to your collection and stands up as a good video to hype you up before a session. Hustlin is the perfect pre-skate session skate video. If you're not trying to build up your collection you may just want to preview this video at your friends house or on a service like before buying. I liked it, but you may want to save your
"pennies" for a different video if you have a limited budget. It doesn't match to the skating value and production value as some other videos that are currently available, but Hustlin For Pennies does cut it as a good, fun and chill skate video to watch and inspire you to skate without making you feel like you'll never be able to do "that". Sometimes, that is more important to me.