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R-Society: An aggressive skating social documentary. Featuring words from Donny Garcia, Erick Garcia, Robert Guerrero, Jon Julio, Lawrence Ingraham, and David Thai...
Filmed and edited by Jeff Sawyer... (18 min) --

There are 4 versions available for download...

[download high resolution WMV version : 44.2 MB : 320x240]

[download medium resolution WMV version : 19.6 MB : 320x240]

[download DivX AVI version : 144 MB : 640x480]

[download Quicktime version : 61.4 MB : 320x240]

If you'd like to help out please send $15 (includes s&h) via paypal to if you are in the continental US. Anyone outside, please e-mail me first for a DVD of the video!
Thanks for all the interest and support. Peace.

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